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Over the last few years, we noticed quite a few new photo booth companies in Toronto and we wanted to share with you our guide

to choosing your Photo Booth vendor in GTA. As an original Mirror Booth company in Toronto

with hundreds of events under our belt we hope these tips will help you in selecting the best

vendor for your celebration!

While this guide can help you search for any type of booth we will assume that you are most

likely interested in the Mirror type which has quickly become one of the more popular options

for many types of events due to its many interactive, customizable and fun capabilities.

And now let’s get to it! Below are some of the main things to consider when choosing for your


1. Online Reviews: One of the easiest ways to check the company’s credibility is to check

their online (google) reviews. This should be the first thing to look for in order to protect

your investment and ensure your event runs smoothly. If you haven’t initially found the

vendor in Google search we recommend searching for the name online to ensure it does

not have any glaring negative reviews. And when checking their reviews one thing to keep

in mind is to make sure to closely match the company’s name and address as we have

seen some photo booth companies with very similar names!

2. Price: If you find a photo booth company that is considerably cheaper than its peers, there

is likely a good reason. The old saying “you only get what you pay for” certainly applies to

photo booths as well. There could be many reasons why a vendor might be offering a

significantly lower price on their quote and unfortunately some of them might only get

revealed at the event itself (when it’s already too late to change anything). One of the more

common reasons why we see a significantly lower rate offered is a brand new vendor trying

to secure some initial bookings. While we don’t see anything wrong in this case (everyone

gotta start somewhere) its important to take in account the trade off between the price and

experience. With the sophisticated piece of equipment like Mirror Photo Booths there are

literally hundreds of things that can go wrong and the more experience the vendor has the

faster they will be able to rectify or prevent the issue. Which brings us to the next point:

3. Back Up Equipment: With sophisticated photo booths like the Selfie Mirror there are

multiple pieces of equipment that need to work in sync. What happens when one of the

pieces stops working? In most cases you will end up with a simple giant mirror that you

paid lots of money for 🙂 We recommend to ensure that your vendor has back up equipment

that is readily available during the event so in case of any trouble you can be up and

running again. (With My Selfie Mirror we carry lots of smaller spare parts in our set up and

always have someone on call to bring any larger components like a printer)

4. Insurance: Commercial insurance is a must for most vendors that work in public event

spaces and deal with various equipment. At the very minimum we recommend the vendor

to have minimum liability insurance of $2 million. Every year we encounter more and more

venues that require vendor liability insurance and choosing someone who already has it will

greatly speed up your booking process. Liability insurance will protect the vendor in case of

any accidents with your guests or the banquet hall.

5. Space and other venue restrictions: My Selfie Mirror and most other mirror type photo

booths usually require about 10×10 feet of space and an electrical outlet within

approachable distance. While most of the venues we work with in Toronto have adequate

amount of space its always a good idea to double check that the photo booth can be


6. Props: We finish off with our biggest personal pet peeve. Maintaining photo booth props is

probably one of the most troublesome tasks and yet it must be done. This may sound silly

but all too often sweaty guests put on hats, boast sunglasses etc. when posing for photos.

Does the vendor have a process to clean and disinfect the props after/before the event?

Bonus Tip: With the recent popularity of Mirror type booths we are seeing an increase of

different models and makes being offered online. With the original mirror booth introduced to

the market by Fotomaster (US company) there are now more and more copies being made

elsewhere with potentially lower level of capabilities and support. While looking the same to the

untrained eye there is a chance you might be missing out on the quality and features of

dedicated and experienced photo booth manufacturer at your event. To ensure you are

booking the best available product for your celebration ask the vendor if they are using the

genuine Fotomaster mirror booth.

[FM Badge]

This badge means that the operator has received the full official training,

has additional manufacturer support and offers the latest interactive


In conclusion: Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong vendor for your once-in-a-lifetime

event or celebration. We recommend working with professionals to get the most out of your

entertainment investment and to fully enjoy your celebration!

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